Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Miss You, London!

As you already know, I'm the worst blogger on the planet.  I don't think I've opened this blog in over a month... Sorry about that! 

I'm so grateful for the experience I had in London.  I have met the most amazing people and I'm so grateful for all that I learned.  It's great to be home, but I think about London every single day.  There are so many things I miss!

I'm going to miss...
Eating breakfast next to my professors while they quiz me on the material on the test. 
Always having somewhere new to go and always having someone to hang out with. 
Tesco runs.
The English countryside.
Climbing 66 stairs to get to my room... well maybe I won't miss that too much :)
Being able to say, "I'm going to Prague tomorrow and you're going to Spain!" like it's no big deal.
Going to movie premieres and being feet away from stars like Colin Firth and Danielle Radcliffe.
Walking through Hyde Park.
Best. Shopping. Ever.
English accents.
Phone Booths.
The National Gallery... in fact, all of the beautiful art in London.
Public Transportation.
The London North Ward and the cute primary kids I got to play the piano for every Sunday.
.... and so much more!!

I miss London like crazy, but there's definitely no place like home!  I have a lot to look forward to (including Christmas, and the arrival of my siblings).  I'm excited to see what my future holds!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loving England!

I'm engaged!!! Just kidding, but what beats getting proposed to where Mr. Darcy proposed to Lizzy?

The Roman Baths

The Assembly Rooms

Near Parliament Hill
Regents Park

 Northern England

Ghost Tour in York

Bede's World!!!


Boat ride on the lake

Preston - This is where the first LDS Missionaries in Britain preached.
This is also the first place President Hinckley taught on his mission in England.

The River Ribble - where the saints were baptized.

The Preston Temple

 Back in London
The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House

Joshua Radin concert!!!

Happy faces getting ready too see Joshua Radin!

Justin Nozuka

Joshua Radin!!

Jane Austen's House


Salisbury Cathedral

Oh, just chillin with the statue in front of Salisbury Cathedral

The London Eye

We went on a walk from Big Ben to Leicester Square.  We went to a hoppin' carnival, and then came upon the premiere for the movie "The King's Speech." Sadly, my camera died right when all the stars came out.  We saw COLIN FIRTH, and he waved at us, twice! :) Such a fun night out on the town! ... so much for studying for the Jane Austen test we had the next day...

We had a tour of the HMS Victory.  This is the ship Lord Nelson died on.

The Cadbury Chocolate Factory!!!  A room full of chocolate... it was magical!

Brighton!  I fell asleep on the coach and when I woke up I thought we were in Newport Beach.  We touched the ocean and ate donuts on the pier! What a perfect day!

We ended the day with a visit to the London Temple.  Such a beautiful place!

Durham Cathedral, parts of Harry Potter 1 and 2 were filmed here! (sorry, this picture is out of place)